A sneakpeak to my rocking life ;)

The name's Ahmad Faris b. Ahmad Rizal..
Saw the lights of the world on
now take a peek of my life..
and to my friends,
keep rockin my world like you always do!

09 September 2010

Happy Aidilfitri ;)

POP! POP, POP! BOOM!!!! the sounds of fireworks bang on my ears, the exploding and the shouts of my cousins.. it really is making me a little bit deaf but, I don't mind.. B'cause we all have the freedom, and we all have achieved victory... we starved for 30 days.. and it all went away so fast, i didn't even have time to write a card, prepare etc.. (yea sorry guys - this year lain skets, i wasn't counting down the days)

today is the day that we finally can eat again, but to tell you the truth - i wasn't really used to eating a food yet - and masa 6 o'clock tu, the family was still eating, and i thought - 'hey, bukan ke dah imsak?'

and at 9 o'clock, i wanted to take a cookie and eat it, but something in my mind is telling me not to. weird, ain't it? and when the cookie is in my mouth, i felt REALLY weird. well, i got used to it now, and is eating like a whale who eats tons of planktons a day. (risau pulak berat badan naek)

are you asking me about duit? so far banyak la jugak, RM215. nak gi jalan2 raya kat kampung nie. can't wait! but before that, i would like to wish all of you mates Happy Aidilfitri.. i'm sorry if i ever hurt you or whatever k. have fun eating! :D

faris rizal

16 July 2010

Back to the Blogging Atmosphere :)

recently i have not been having much time to blog, but at this times is when i SHOULD, because so many things have happened to my life -,-
but i dont wanna talk about that now, because it will take you hours to read it... so i just want to talk about today's.. CHEMISTRY experiment -,-
IT was 11:07 on my watch when we realised that Pn. Ida wong won't be coming to class, which means we're not going to do the Acidic or Alkaline project. so all the things we brought, was WASTED.
But it shouldn't be. it really shouldn't be.
so we decided not to waste. but what could we do to finish everything we brought - Vinegar, Can drinks, Baking powder, Tamarind, Toothpaste, Salt, Sugar, Lime juice, Cooking oil, Detergent, Shampoo and Milk into one simple invention?
Of course we can... and still create an 'oily and detergent-tasted mountain-dewish tasted vinegarly-mixed toothpaste-ly smelled sour, salty and sweetishly milky Ribena with tamarind' product. It's not impossible.
It first started when I was full, and already had too much Mountain Dew. So i mixed it with the Ribena which Khai Leong brought... and after shaking, it actually tasted OK. So we decided to add some vinegar and baking powder... so we added all the ingredients above, yep i mean ALL.. and Siva Darshen voluntered to taste it.. and said it was actually QUITE NICE! but i didnt believe him, because he usually lies to us.. so i got a few other guys to taste it, and surprisingly they said it was nice, too! I tried it out myself... and it was actually quite OK.. its just not good because of the detergent and the cooking oil..
oh nevermind. we make mistakes, and we learn from them. so i hope that we can improve this product and sell it to the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!
Till then,
a.faris a.rizal

17 June 2010

curiosity kills the cat.

lately i noticed that the time is passing by REAL FAST,
and before you know it, tomorrow's Friday.
There's just three days left before school!
couldn't time at least slow down for us?
God couldn't be the creator of time,
so who exactly was the one who has made all this happen?
who even made time?
if i could destroy the world and start it all over again,
i would make it slower.
much, much slower.
like 1 second equivalent to 60 minutes.
can you imagine a world like that? it would be incredible.
if i can re-create the whole world,
i would make a world where time slows down randomly
just as random as how we get rains.
and all of this things we see around us,
even all these words and numbers we use,
why are words even called words?
and why is a notebook called a notebook?
surely it can be called something else, something like
"book", "worm", or even "poop".
who started this all?
if we want, we could even change the English language,
just like how we want it.
but we wont be used to it because
we are used to the current English.
but whoever they were,
we owe him a big thanks
because without him, you imagine what would the would be like..
no words, no numbers, no food,
no school (and that's the great part),
if the ones who started everything around us came back to life,
i would like to thank the ones who made this words,
and stab the one who created school repeatedly :)
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
-Albert Einstein-
a.faris a.rizal

13 June 2010

because in the near future, the fate of the world will be in our generation's hands.

I'm back to my home sweet home now. didn't see my fat cat for two days. me and my family went to Melaka in the weekends, but I'm not gonna talk about the trip.

But I'm gonna talk about something else.

If you're my schoolmate and your school is at SKUSJ12, you might notice that as the years pass by, the Year 1 students are becoming more and more violent, more and more vicious, more and more evil.

And some of them even know bad words. And from whom did they know all that? From us.

You see, we are an example to the young ones. The youngsters know nothing, so whatever we do, good or bad, they'll follow us if their minds were not yet developed enough to know which is good, which is bad.

And if you're in Standard 5 of SKUSJ12, you will notice that as the days pass by, the grades are not improving AT ALL, in fact they were worse than they have ever been before. At the way back yesterday, we went to Port Dickson to stop by, take a drink, stretch our legs, etc.
But if you look at the sea water, they were dirty with a capital D.

And who is doing that, other than we HUMANS?

I bet in 10,000 B.C, all the beaches in the world was EXTREMELY clear. there were no oil spills. they were no smokes. petroleum have not even be discovered yet. there were no pollution. even humans was as rare as a flying mammoth.

But now?

You see, in the near future, the fate of the world will be in our generation's hands. and don't you think 'Ah, who cares anyway? There's still a few decades we can enjoy', you are WRONG with a capital W. if we don't change our attitudes now and I mean NOW, than the whole world will be in HAVOC when the fate is in our hands.

So make a change while we still have time.

a.faris a.rizal

10 June 2010


somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy, there's the Solar System...
in the third planet orbiting the star named as Sun,
(that's Earth to you),
There's Asia..
And at Asia, somewhere in the South-east part, there's South-East Asia..
And there, there's a country named Malaysia,
and in Malaysia, there's a state named Selangor,
and there, there is the city called Subang Jaya.
somewhere in the city lies USJ11.
and somewhere in USJ11 there is USJ11/3.
and somewhere in USJ11/3, there is USJ11/3*,
(ok you may think tht this is quite silly, but i dont have ANYTHING to blog about)
and in that row, there is number **..
(you dont think im gonna tell you my address??)
the clock in that house ticks and ticks, and it shows the time - 12:15am,
right now my holiday is going fine.
weekend is packed with activities, so kalau nak online pun,
ada time untuk update blog jelar.
semua orang di rumah takde keje,
aku pun tkde keje sebenarnye...
bosan laaa! chatting with my beloved one is not enough to make the time pass by!
my eyes are starting to get a lil' bit too heavy here,
a sign that im sleepy..


wow, today is the first day in the mid-year holidays that was filled with activites!
we went to IOI mall today, and watch Shrek - Forever After... in 3D!
all the pictures are like coming out of the screen,
wow SMART GLER kot.. :p
but tomorrow, it'sback to my normal, boring life...
plan to go jogging pagi esok..
nak tengok kakmin nyer fitness level nie! leh catchup ke tak agaknye dia tu..
kk, gtg :)


09 June 2010

haisshhhh ,

i really hate it when things don't go as planned,
like yesterday,
my mom kata yang we will go back home on 11pm...
so we got ready the game consoles to make time pass..
tapi tibe2, change of plans pulak!
my mom said that we're sleeping at Puchong..
I'm okay with that, but couldn't she at least plan this earlier?!
dahlaa i ada tuiton this morning, pastu kena rush -,-
but in my life i have to learn to cope with all this things
because you know, i always face this kinda challenges
arrrghh, what should i do? Life's hard.

a.faris a.rizal


suddenly now.. my popularity dah turun sikit -,-
dunno why though!
mayb it's because of Noie kot -,-
cus dia lah budak yang 'hot' skrg at skewl..
yang peliknyer ialah skarang..
like ramai orang that i want to chat with will want to say 'bye' to me...
it's like they're ignoring me...
i feel weird because this is the first time anything like this ever happened!
and to everyone who's reading here..
tell me my faults ok,
so that i can improve myself and be a better person to you ;)
the only one that will ever chat with me
and not ignore me is Nurul Iffah binti Badrulhisham..
even though she doesn't really like me very much...
but she rarely says 'bye'..
now that's the sort of friendship i want!
Iffah macam no longer kawan i after the 'thing',
but she NEVER ignores me..
thankyou Iffah!
even if you don't realize it,
you did lighten up my mood a little bit!

hurrrmmm -.-

arrhh.... boring nyer -,-
today nothing unusual happened,
me with the PSP and laptop,
my sis saying that she would do her Sejarah thingy but doesn't,
( but that's what makes her MY SIS (; )
Abah with the HTC Desire phone..
Abang with the PS2...
today is just yet another boring day..
but today, i didn't chat with her..
blerrghhh -,-
seems like a day without keeping in touch with you is just not perfect,
but why?
i tried to stop loving you,
but why do i still feel this?
i guess that once i fall for you i can't let you go...
even when i try very hard to be single..
(which i am now)
but the love to you masih ada...
I just want you know ajikneol saranghjana
Negaen neo ppunirangeo jal algo itjanha~
Jiul su eopdan geol
You are the only one~
a. faris a. rizal

08 June 2010

can't you see.. i'm still loving you...

I can't do anything now, other then lie to others
That I don't love you anymore..
But try as hard as you can
You still can't lie to your heart...
I keep telling everyone that there's nobody now
I keep telling everyone
That I don't believe in love anymore
But deep in my heart,
There's still love..
And it is specially for YOU,
No matter what I keep telling everyone I'm okay..
I KNOW I'm not..
Because I can't stop loving you...
ONLY you...
No matter what I say,
Deep in my heart,
The feeling of love to you still remains..
And it will never go away...
Because I love you.
Oh can't you see, I'm still lovin' you
My heart still can't seem to let you go~
a.faris a.rizal

my holiday schedule..

in this two weeks holiday, everyone mesti fill up the time they have in their hands - because the clock keeps ticking and it never waits for us... so, after the last two days, i dah tau what to do in the holidays! now i only have one question.. what should i do in my spare time?

Every morning 6:30 am bangun pagi, gosok gigi, cuci muka, etc... by the time i finish, surely dah 7 something.. so what i do s switch on the laptop when no one is using, or if my sis is using it, i switch on the PS2 and play... with my tuiton bag on my side, of course.
pukul 9 - 11am, pergi tuiton. jumpa my 'special friend', you can guess who! :)

after balik tu, check if anyone is using the game consoles (i'm talkin bout PSP, PS2 and the laptop, yeah, the laptop is a game console to me -,-) if every game console is 'conquered' by others, then i sabar jelaa -.-

pastu play, play, play, lunch, pray Zuhur, play, play, play, pray Asar, then play skejap pastu check if it's raining or cloudy.. if it's not, then i pergi jogging! but if it is.. then naseb ah. i will be sticking my cute butt on this chair and continue playing :)

at night, buat apa2 larh. nighttime, not really planned lah. sheesh.. i sometimes read books macam Albert Einstein ker, Horrible Science ker.. (yeah you're right, my life is SCIENCE)
anyway, my holiday aims for the game RuneScape is just 46 Dungeoneering, and now i'm at 40.. and it's just the 2nd day of the holiday! (well, to be more exact, 4 days)
i can already tell, this two-week holiday is gonna rock! it's gonna be in my 'Best Memories' list - well at least i HOPE it will ;)

And you,
i still love you very much,
even though i know
i have NO chance
to make you love me.
a.faris a.rizal


Man, i only have one word that consist of three letters to say to this guys - WOW. it's amazing how much creativity they have.. i wonder how they ever find the idea to do such things?? just loook at the part 21 vid.. there's a syringe, then the ball hits the magnet, and because the magnet's on different poles, they move.. then the dominoes fall, and it hits the ball.. and the ending! i just love the ending.. there's no doubt about it.. the human brain is amazing!

a.faris a.rizal

06 June 2010

happy times ;p

well, now my life is turned upside down and changed! as you know, for the last few weeks things were going downhill... but now i might say that i am back up agaaaain!

EVERYTHING, and yes i mean everything is back to normal! i am loving my life now!
and, for the last two days, i can say that i am ALREADY enjoying my holiday, even with my parents are here! i can tell, this holiday is goinna be SO much fun!
and anyone who lives around USJ11 and is close to my house, you can come over and play some games! because without my friends, i know i can't LIVE..

haha, right now i have no ideas on what to post! I am going jogging with my soulmates tomorrow, (i'm talkin bout Noie, Najwan and Wathiqah) anyone else wanna join? (fyi, we are going to USJ11 padang besar) right now i got lots to do, like play games and read books, but i prefer sitting here on the chair and going online...

Nothing to do here! Any ideas?!

a. faris a. rizal

04 June 2010

Do the Dew

My gosh, i can't go one week without this drink!! I'm SO 100% addicted to it!! once i get my hands on it, i can't stop taking a sip, until the whole thing finishes!!!
I think that there's a little problem with my brains.... what's wrong?!?!
I've been drinking this at least once a week since the last three weeks, and it didn't take long for me to find out that i was spending my money a little bit more than usual...
but what should i do? when i didn't come to school yesterday, i had exactly RM2.10 in my wallet... i couldn't help but to spend it for THE BEST DRINK IN THE WORLD...
but do you think that i'm doing the right thing? should i just stop taking this drinks or should i just kurangkan to at least twice a month?
ARRGGHHH what should i do????

a. faris

30 May 2010

Super Junior - Bonamana

Nal barabwara
Ddanddaranddan, ddanddaranddan, ddanddaranddan, ddadaddarappa
Ddanddaranddan, ddanddaranddan, ddanddaranddan, ddadaddarappa

[SIWON] Nuhl alkkamalkka alkamalkka nuhmoo yeppeun miinah. Nal michyuhddago marhaedo nan niga johda miinah
[HEECHUL] Nooga juhnhaejwuh My baby, to my baby Naega yuhgi iddago marya. Gidarinda marya (Baby, you turn it up now)

[KYUHYUN] Nuhn, gataboota, gataboota mal jom haera miinah. Ni maeumeul gajyuhddamyuhn geunyang naneun salmui Winner
[YESUNG] Ee sesangui ichiran, ichiran, yongki inneun jareul ddara na gateun nom marya

[RYEOWOOK] Yetmare Say, yuhl buhn jjikeumyuhn nuhmuhganda. Eusseuk, eusseuk, eusseuk
[SUNGMIN] Geunyuhneun kangjuhk. Kkeudduhk uhbda. Ppijjook, ppijjook, ppijjook
[RYEOWOOK + SUNGMIN] Nan uhdduhkhalkka uhdduhkhalkka geunyuhmani nae gwanshimin guhl, guhl, guhl

Bounce to you, Bounce to you Nae gaseumeun nuhl hyanghae jabhil soodo uhbseul mankeum ddwigo inneunguhl
Break it Down to you, Down to you Nae gaseumi nuh, nuhl gatji mothandamyuhn muhmchul guhranda (Nal barabwara)

Bolkkamalkka, bolkkamalkka, bolkkamalkka na gateun namja. Bonchemanche, bonchemanche, bonchemanche dorasuh bwado
Bogobwado, bogobwado, bogobwado na bakke uhbda. BONAMANA, BONAMANA, BONAMANA (Baby, you turn it up now)

[DONGHAE] Mweol sargga, sargga, sargga, sargga neoreul wihan seonmul
O, michigetda. Saenggakman haedo joahal ni moseub
[KYUHYUN] Listen girl! [DONGHAE] Joahae
[KYUHYUN] Baby girl! [YESUNG] Saranghae
[KYUHYUN] Namani neoreul wihan namja
[YESUNG] Deureojweo bwa neoreul hyanghan gobaek

[DONGHAE] Mwuhl salkka, salkka, salkka, salkka nuhreul wihan suhnmool. Oh, michigedda. Saenggakman haedo johahal ni moseup
[KYUHYUN] Listen girl! [YESUNG] Johahae. [KYUHYUN] Baby girl! [YESUNG] Saranghae.
[KYUHYUN] Namani nuhreul wihan namja. [YESUNG] Deuruhjwuh bwa nuhreul hyanghan gobaek

[RYEOWOOK] Nae mamui say, aeman taewooji malgo jebal kkeuduhk, kkeuduhk, kkeuduhk
[SUNGMIN] Ee noryuhk juhngdomyuhn narado goohae giteuk, giteuk, giteuk
[RYEOWOOK & SUNGMIN] Nan uhdduhkharago, uhdduhkharago geunyuhmani nae junbooin guhl, guhl, guhl

Bounce to you, Bounce to you Nae gaseumeun nuhl hyanghae jabhil soodo uhbseul mankeum ddwigo inneunguhl
Break it Down to you, Down to you Nae gaseumi nuh, nuhl gatji mothandamyuhn muhmchul guhranda (Nal barabwara)

Bolkkamalkka, bolkkamalkka, bolkkamalkka na gateun namja. Bonchemanche, bonchemanche, bonchemanche dorasuh bwado
Bogobwado, bogobwado, bogobwado na bakke uhbda. BONAMANA, BONAMANA, BONAMANA Na bakke uhbda

[LEETEUK] Nan deudyuh michilguhya. Pokbarhae buhril guhya.
[HEECHUL] Duh mot chamgessuh geunyuhmanui milgo dangkigi
[EUNHYUK] Oh jinjja michilguhya. Nooga jom mallyuhbwa bwa.
[SIWON] Iruhke himdeul guhran nooga marhaessuhyaji

[RYEOWOOK] (It's) True, true Nae kamjuhngeun gal goshi uhbsuh. Nege matchwuh buhringuhl nuhn jal aljanhni
[KYUHYUN] How to keep loving you? Naega jinjja nege jarhalge idaero nal ssuhkhyu doojima

[YESUNG] Gidarinda Miina!
[SHINDONG] Hope you'll step to me, step to me
[YESUNG] Saranghanda Miina!
[SHINDONG] Bring it, sign to me, sign to me
(Hahahaha hahahahaha)geunyuhga imi nal barabol joonbiga dwae issuhnna bwa

Bounce to you, Bounce to you Nae gaseumeun nuhl hyanghae jabhil soodo uhbseul mankeum ddwigo inneunguhl
Break it Down to you, Down to you Nae gaseumi nuh, nuhl gatji mothandamyuhn muhmchul guhranda (Nal barabwara)

Bolkkamalkka, bolkkamalkka, bolkkamalkka na gateun namja. Bonchemanche, bonchemanche, bonchemanche dorasuh bwado
Bogobwado, bogobwado, bogobwado na bakke uhbda. BONAMANA, BONAMANA, BONAMANA Na bakke uhbda~

Amazing FACTS

Firstly, did you know that the number of thoughts you can have is UNLIMITED? if you magnify your neurons, you will see that there are like 1,000 branches called synapses. and there are more than 1 billion neurons at your brains... and each of them has 1,000 synapses! thoughts can travel at ANY WAY through the neurons. amazing huh?

Well, you know, i read alot, and from my reading i found out that atoms in the sky absorbs other light photons, but reflects blue photons. and that's why the sky is blue! This took Einstein one step forward to discovering the universe. the sea is also blue, and the sea also absorbs other light photons and reflects blue ones.

But why is the sky sometimes orange in colour at sunset?

The reason is that there are more dust than usual at sunset. the dust reflects orange-coloured photons, to turn the sky yellow-ishly orange. when the photons reflected by the dust reaches our eyes, we see a beautiful yellow-ish orange colour! Lovely, eh?

a.faris a. rizal

28 May 2010


right now i'm just happy that everything is back to how it should be...
syaza's got a replacement, zafri's sinlge, I"M single... what else is better?

so i feel happy for syaza because she has another.... i think he is better than me.
she deserves this, and i deserve to be single. i want to focus on my ambition. i
have to study hard for the future!

yeah! im gonna touch the sky! i will achieve success! but to do it i must work hard.
and that's what exactly (i think) i am doing...

Success can only be achieved
by ones who believe in
of their dreams.
a. faris a. rizal

23 May 2010



22 May 2010

time is running out.

Time is running out. next week, my brother Fairuz habis exam. he can use the laptop. for the first time, someone will actually be disturbing me! :(

I just want to say that time flies, man. it really does. i think like, cepat gila dah mid-year dah..
when i look back, rasa macam just yesterday yang kitorg gi camping kat MARDI, Serdang. (that was on 31hb May, 2009. I'll never forget that date).

This post is just to tell you that now, for once, I am single~
yeah thats rite, SINGLE! I have no more girl with me now, and I feel like a free eagle soaring high above the wide open sky ;p its just that lately, im starting to think that love is too advanced for me anyway. alot of guys who didnt think of it that way were spoilt brats. i dont wanna be like 'em.

for once, i can study without thinking about love! for once! i am free.

you just wait and see. this Monday, i will be the new guy! No more OldFaris! its time for Faris x-prototype-3000 baybeh! im gonna turn over a new leaf!

so, if you notice a few changes in myself, dont worry. this is because i am single dude. im not going crazy. i still have my mind and i can still think. and after thinking, i think this is best for me. my mind tells me i have made the right choice. for Syaza, i am sorry if i break your heart, but my mind tells me to focus on studies now.

once again, if you think im out of my mind for doing this, im not, actually. im okay. i can handle this, but i need a little help from my friends, thats all.
if you ignore me Syaz, im okay with it because i know that one day you will still need to talk to me.

By the way, i still love someone. someone no one from morning school knows, except for my VIP's. Who it is, it shall remain secret, for now.
But ''it shall remain secret'' is what i always say, but the fact is my mouth can only stay shut for about 1 month. so whatever i do, my mouth will spill the beans. you just have to remain patient, ok? you will know.

a. faris a. rizal

14 May 2010

nice dance moves!

hehe, this song is the best. love the dance :) this is the one yang i wana learn the dance steps. SO in love with the song :)) i really love the chorus part punya dance. wish i could join my friends yang nak buat dance nie, im learning the dance steps!


Raaargh bosannya. dah habes exam. takde pape nk buat. nk online pun my siblings lum habis lagi their examinations. sheesh... hahaahaa, today was the funniest day ever. with the Milo and the nasi lemak and the Annoying Orange. i laughed until i can hardly breathe, seriously.

See, i thought that an early freedom was gonna be the best ever, because of 1) it was an early one and 2)because its earlier than my other siblings', i thought tht i would rule the laptop.
but as usual in my life, i was wrong. (bosaaan)

Not that i can't. its just that lately ramai orang ada projek laa. abah ada banyak gile kerja plak tu. pastu mse weekdays, semua org tgh buat kerja. ulangkaji, homework and lain2. camne aku nak main nie... sheesh. bosan. if only i have a computer in my room, i could just go there and play all i want, while my siblings are studying downstairs...

Tapi for now, things are going my way. it's maths week this week. first time i took part in such things. yeah yaknw, my favourite subject is.. (you guessed it) Maths. exam results, 1 more jer! meh sini aku gitau -

Pemahaman - 82.5% (yeah i suck in BM)
Mathematics - 99% (nyesal tk dpt 100)
English - 90% (i know i can do better)
Science - 88% (i know i can do better than THIS.)
Yeah kamu sudah pun tahu, saya noob. betul, seriously. but i have to believe in myself and keep moving forward.. takut penulisan nie! tapi kena tawakal jer, hahhaaha. i'll be posting (if im lucky) tomorrow. see ya.
a. faris a. rizal

08 May 2010

A very good meal :p

aahhhh. sedap, sedap...
That was a superb meal! makan KFC, i ate Zinger Burger AND the Twister! that was delicious.
today, i have a story to share. it is about yesterday, from morning to night. the BEST FRIDAY OF MY LIFE.

THE situation was very noisy. everyone was yelling and shouting. they had finished their exams. they wanted to enjoy their freedom. as i was putting down the School Flag, Standard One kids was running to the school gate. "little kids", i thought. after putting the flags in the office drawer, it was time to go. i grabbed my school bag, put on my shoes and walked fast to the school gate. it was a 6-week-freedom for me. freedom will be in my hands until the end of mid-year holidays. i felt very happy. like it was the last day of school, but it wasn't. when i got home, i tossed my back and took a shower. i got ready for Friday prayers.
The weather was hot as i walked to the mosque. when i walked halfway pass, it was cloudy. i prayed that it doesn't rain. i finished my Friday prayers, and went to evening school. it was a very calming and... special day. the day felt special. it wasnt anyone's birthday. there were no celebrations on tht day. but it felt special for unknown and undescribeable reasons.
After evening school, i went back as usual, quickly changed to my Sports clothes and got myself ready to go for my evening jog. haha, i'm down to 43 kilos now. i really am making a progress, i thoguht. masa i sampai rumah najwan tu, it was drizzling. but a nearby puddle showed no signs of rain, so i got on. alahai, aidiel ni. he said that i was slow. yeah i have to admit i was, even syafiq shukri was faster than me. i was far behind. we made a deal that the last guy will have to buy all four of us drinks.
I managed to overtake them anyway. they were just a bunch of show-ups, they were fast but couldn't mantain the speed. i jogged and jogged, until i reached 11/3N. after about 3 minutes of jogging in 3M, alot of dogs were barking at me. it was too noisy!! even some neighbors came out of their house and scolded me. i knew i ahd to make a run for it. aku tengah bawak maruah keluarga aku. aku kena jaga maruah keluarga aku. in other words, i dont want anyone to say "I wonder who's that stupid kid's father? his father sure is a stupid guy not to educate him properly". ya geddit? haha. i ran as fast as i can. i was tired before the sprint. now, my condition was worse. then, things change from bad to worse.
It was raining. not that bad, but i was scared that i would get fever. getting fever will weaken my body defences and make it easy for microorganisms - such as the deadly virus that causes Influenza A H1N1. i didn't want to get any of them. i still have friends to meet, life to enjoy, love to experience. the other guys - Najwan, Aidiel and S.S., was far behind. i signaled them to straight away go to 7-E. but they dont get what i was signalling to them. the rain was getting heavier atm, and i knew that i had to sprint to 7-E.
After what that seemed to be an age of aching pain, i could see 7-E about 10 metres away. After waiting for quite awhile, my friends had reached 7-E, safe and sound. i felt happy to see them. we bought our drinks, S.S paid for it. we were drinking Slurpee, waiting for the rain to settle down. amazingly, it happened in just 5 minutes. it was drizzling again. but it was a whole lot better than the situation 5 minutes ago. i knew this was our chance to head back. after wishing Assalamualaikum!, i headed ack home slurping my drink. when i reached home, my whole body was in agony. but i survived, and that's something great. I had experienced a beautiful experience. like a hiker once said, some beautiful things could only be achieved by pain - something like this, too.

say, that was quite a great story, eh? well to be telling the truth, 80% was based on fact, but i edited 20% of the story to make it more exciting for you to read. hahahahaaa. like i always say, guys -

When there's a WILL,
there's a WAY.

the week's over!! freedom in my hands!!!!

yeah. the title says it all. freedom is mine, baybeh!!
yeah, sorryy cus i havent blogged for quite awhile... it's because last week was our exam week, and usually i cant surf the internet two weeks before examination... hahahaa.
SOO much things happened in the past two/three weeks, i dont even know where should i start! haha.

firstly, the NEW ROUTINE. i'm sticking to it - which is jog two rounds around 11/3, everyday after evening school. haha, i missed this moment - every part of my body aching. for so long i have been quite a couch potato - munching biscuits with Milo everyday in front of the TV, watching Phineas and Ferb and The Nanny. until last week when i stepped on the weighing machine - my weight was 47.8. i decided to do something about it - i knew that if i didnt i would be 50 kilos by now. and guess what? Najwan belanja I slurpee everyday ;p memang best gler ah, we invited our friends and held a race - the loser had to buy us three medium cups of slurpee. hehehe. dapat free slurpee dua hari baii... honestly, if i knew earlier that i'd get this, i would have started several years ago.

second, the DANCING. i am currently memorising the dance steps to U-Kiss' Bingeul Bingeul and, so far, its doing well. i watched the video and studied it properly. how did the idea of doing this come to my head, you're thinking? hahahaaa. you see, my friends kat sekolah agama haritu cam gila2 jer buat dance. alahai, nk join jugak. amin especially. he's doing it like he memorises every step of it. woii, aku nak join jugak, i thought. but i didnt know the moves, haha. so, aku study laa dance moves dia.

last but not least, the EXAMINATION. all i can say is, it was 50-50. i calculated on how many 'not sure' questions i had and after the calculation, i found out that i DO have a chance to get 5A's, if im lucky. the Paper2 of English and Malay Languange was quite hard. tapi, i'm a human, so nak buat apa? Tawakal jela. hehehe. well i do have to agree that life is a crazy journey. anything can happen anywhere, anytime. and i'll keep my fingers crossed and keep praying for something good to happen.

actually, there are alot more things that happened in the past two weeks. malas skit nk type laa. mother's day esok. card nk wat cmne nie?? no ideas. well now that i have freedom i'll post anytime i can okay. keep rockin,

a. faris a. rizal

24 April 2010


rumah dah lain. kakmin pls datang tengok. and i will take your advise and merapu-rapu kat sini when i have nothing to say hahaaaaa...

tadi mse tarik tali (tug-of-war) Nilam won first, and I know yang kita leh beat Topaz cus Topaz tht time 3rd, they were 2400+ and we were 2200+, but tiba2...
somehting unbelieavable happened.

Delima lost tarik tali dengan Topaz, and Zamrud lost to us (yela, tengok lah budak yang nama Faris tu kan dia pro) pastu we gained 700+ points!!! Unbelievable!!! then we were at 3046 and i was like so SCARED cus Nilam leh dapat last balik, and masa cikgu tgh tukar markah i macam nak nangis kot ;p

tapi tengok2, Delima 2800+!! yeahh we beat them!! and not by 10 or 20 marks but by 200+! Topaz got first, tapi diorg bajet2 skit ah, tak suka aku. ESPECIALLY Mamduhd ;p

nk tau kenapa kitorg gembira sangat? Nilam never won for 2 years in a row. at last kitorg dapat third, and warning rumah lain, this is the first step to our PECUT BALIK ;)

this is definitely my week, yeah DEFINITELY.

I have good news ;p

yaaaaaaaaayyy!!! this is definitely a lucky day.

first good news - Syaza is out of the hospital. secondly - Manchester United menang lawan Tottenham. third - Nilam, after 2 tahun berturut-turut last finally naik third. and lastly - Dungeoneering skill best glerr..

and sebenarnya saya taknak cakap nie tapi saya ada badnews jugak, dance Bingeul Bingeul susah nak hafal and IMISSYOU and i can finally meet you on Monday.... this week is definitely mine YEEAAAHH

a. faris

17 April 2010

back to the 2-day break ;p

ahh... after a tiring sports week, what's better than a two day break? dah la kakmin dah blik, lgi best..

anyway, i suck at this year's sports. AFIQ tkde!! Dia kene H1N1 kot, sbb sblum nie mne ada tk dtg,,

tktau laa nak blog psl apa!!!! be back in several days!!

03 April 2010

03-04 - the 300+km trip to Johor Bahru

ahhh... finally at the hotel with no one to disturb.. some privacy to go blogging!! this rocks man.. anyway,

me, fairuz and mommy is at Johor Bahru now. we just reached the hotel at 6:00p.m., and gosh it was damn small...

but i think it would be okay, because it doesn't waste as much money as it is to go Grand Blue Wave hotel 'o.O

hotel ni bilik dia tengok kecik gila kot, tapi bile jumpa plug dah jadi heaven's paradise dahh..!! nak tidur lambat mlm nie, kalau boleh tak tidur LANGSUNG!! haha,,

anyway this is the problem, firstly MU kalah 2-1 ngan Chelsea, and secondly im alone at the room now, but i have nothing to blog about! byez, for now..

02 April 2010

i survived april fool's - and just got my hands more typing work

anyway i know tht i was supposed to do this on april first but no time to update lah, sorry..
here's how my day went.

first, aku tgh duduk dkt blakang, dengan syafiq shukri. then suddenly, budak drjah 6 said - "hey today's friday right??", aku lak mcm "asal ngan budak nih??" then i said "no lahh its thursday.." pastu dia ckp "aprill fool's!"

anyway i really hate to say Islams doing this stuff.. but then, i think i should just chill up on this lovely-supposed-to-be day :p

at around 7:05 a.m., me and khai leong remembered about a joke in the Wimpy Kid story book, "Invisible Chirag". so we thought it would be pretty cool to do this on joshua.. haha!! yes, i think this will definitely work out. i think. but i was wrong.

5 minutes later. siva came to school - but he's talking with joshua!! we didn't have time to tell him. but we said, "Hey siva who're you talking to? i dont see anyone there..." and then siva was like what the hell? what's going on here...

another 5 minutes later. like 7:15 a.m, siva and THE WHOLE CLASS is in on the joke. even girls, yeah. you did read that right. EVEN GIRLS!!
tapi joshua found our weakness. i really know that joshua watches wrestling at least twice a week, and he's studied all the moves. so he pinned us down every way you could imagine. we were supposed to shout "OUCH!" but we covered the ouch with "Hey,, i feel like im floating, and it hurts." Joshua merajuk giler kot. i said to khai, "hey, i dont think josh will last longer than this. we'll stop this joke at recess."

but joshua went to the toilet, and after he went back to tapak perhimpunan he looked veryyy down. so i told khai leong, "let's stop now. poor joshua."

as assembly started, the whole class shouted "april fool's!" loudly at joshua. i didn't i just looked from the back. he had a smile in his face. well so do i...

21 March 2010

it's been a great week..

hey alls...

this has been a very great week for all of us. or maybe only for me? i just dont know... well anyway,

we ate burgers for the second time this week. and on the way back home i realized.. that even know this was a short holiday, it was very unique and different from others..

i leveld up in lots of levels in runescape. achieved more than 10 achievements tht anyone at my level can't achieve. and i even experienced running in the rain.. even my view of sports has changed. everything is just like never before. i figured i had done it all and seen it all, but after this holiday, i realised that i haven't seen like 10% of the world... i thought this one will be the same as others, just some level-ups. but this was totally different. one hundred jumping-jacks and 40 pumpings a day? i haven't done it at all.

after a few back-aches and agonizing muscle pains, i realised that it's gona need more than this to achieve what i want - some six pecs and damn big bulgy muscles. after tht excersice i realised, i'm gona need a whole lotta work before i can get what i want. i thought it would be simple. but i realised that it won't be..

this was just another one-week holiday. it was really short. but it's full of new experiences...

well, i guess that's what i get from a parent-less holiday ;)

19 March 2010

Good eeeveningg ;)

This, i can say, is the BEST evening of my life. kitorg jamming kat bilik best gilerr kot!! mula2 kitorg main ps2. pastu dah bosan skit. pastu nyanyi lagu 21 Guns, my sister buat guitar and I nyanyi.. best gilaaa!!!

but on the down side, my sister nak balik MALAM NI JUGAK!!! im goinna miss her for sure.. and her annoying but funny laugh, of course. not to forget her sense of humour. (over sgt ke ni?)

i'm starting to miss school.. i really miss S____... i can hardly wait to see her!!!!!

18 March 2010

Some waffles I ate..

hahaaa, we had some waffles, it was damn nice with some maple syrup and honey.. fancy a bite? im afraid this one was homemade and it's not available on stores.. haha!! but technically i didn't make them, i just ate them. thanks to my auntie and sister, it is so damn delicious..

17 March 2010

in the middle of boredom

sheesh.. i cant use the computer much.. supposed to switch it on at 12, but my sister.. i mean.. she says she wants to use the laptop for homework, biarkan dia guna semalam, homework 3 jam tk siap2, baru buat cam 2 rangkap je kot...

i mean, i really feel like hitting her in the head. but she always has excuses, yeah.. so i only have 2 hours of real playing, and right now im playing RuneScape more regularly so that i could increase my money for abyssal whip.. i plan to finish all oak logs by 12..

but i cant do it. not with my facebook friends disturbing me. the only person i wanna chat with is just noie and syaza, my VIP's. others, im so sorry, im busy rite now.

16 March 2010

Huff...! Puff...! Where's the stop already??!?! ~2~

I thought "11/4 should be okay. there wont be any harm. i trust my brother. he can take care of me. i know he could.", i was correct alright. but i just cant trust myself that i can do it. we reached 11/4 in 10 minutes time, and before we know it we were up-and-running again.

It was okay. kinda. but after 5 or 6 blocks things started to go downhill. no, i'm not talking about the road. i'm talking about YOUR'S TRULY! my feet were aching. and i've read a book that says when you run you're handling with a mass THREE TIMES your body weight! but my mind tells me not to imagine that. just think positive.

3 minutes later, we heard some noise. it was like something panting. i looked at firdaus, he looked at me. both of us looked left. IT WAS A DOG!!! we couldnt jog anymore so we started walking. and believe it or not, the dog ran away just like that. but i had to thank the dog. he had given me a chance to walk - i really needed it!

after the final row, i was wheezing TERRIBLY. every step i take makes a crunching sound. i was horribly tired. but words of teachers flashed through my mind - "The point is not to win the race for the school, but to do what you think it's best." well what im thinking of right now is just REST!

but my brother kept motivating me. "Think positive, think positive." i listened to him. i think positive thoughts. believe it or not i was up and running again! when we were done with the route, we walked home. my brother kept asking me "Only THAT has made you tired?" i felt like slapping him. but i cant. he helped me get to this level. he was like my personal coach.

on our way back home, he asked, "Are you tired?" well, i felt like screaming "ARE YOU BLIND? DEAF, PERHAPS?!?!?!" because all you could hear at that moment is me huffing and puffing.

when we're done, he called me a dingbat that slowed him down. but i realised something, he never did THIS when he was standard 5. so maybe i could become an athlete like him.. maybe a better one.

and finally lemme just say that this holiday is different. it has, for the first time, changed my view at sports. my thinking of sports will never be the same again --- ever!!

Huff...! Puff...! Where's the stop already??!?! ~1~

The title above says it. ANOTHER new experience for the holidays, and thts kinda good. I'm laying here at the study room, typing a new post, and i think my view of sports is going to change. but 4 hours ago, my view of sports is just the same.

~4 hours ago~

"Jogging? Sure. What harm could that simple thing be?", I told my brother, Firdaus. He was still relaxing, doing his homework. I'm already ready with my shorts, sport shirts and socks.

My maid, my auntie and my sister is leaving for Mydin. I know they'd ban me from using the computer tonight if i use it in the evning. so i decided to agree with firdaus' decision and go jogging. "So? do you want to go or not?", Fir said. "Yes, sure.", i replied. little did i know.. it's gonna send me to.. HELL ON EARTH.

5 minutes later, 'im ready, he's ready, and we're all set. we are really athletes, you know. i don't really mean to brag, but seriously. anyway, we went around 11/3 and we did good. i mean, i wasn't really tired. he kept motivating me. telling me "What is your aim? I want you to set it to 'complete the race'. dont bother about winning it for god's sake, just completing it would be enough!" and saying stuff like that.

After 5 minutes, we finally finished and we're heading for home. But when we took the turn to 3E and passed the house, we didnt stop. i dont want to say anything to firdaus anyway. but he said "11/4 now. whatcha say?", and without another word he took off. i had to catch up, i knew i had to!!

~END part 1~

15 March 2010

Lawak Gile kott

It's the mid term holiday... and where was I? At the barber shop, cutting my hair. at that time it was raining heavily. but while the barber was cutting my hair, winds blow.. umbrellas flew... it rained havier than ever. i know that living at home was not the right way to get a new experience, but boy, was i wrong.. really, REALLY wrong.

After i finished with my haircut, the barber flashed me a thumbs-up. i paid him my 8 dollars and left with my maid. She was asking, "The rain's too heavy, should we go now, or should we wait??", well if i said "we should wait" then i wont be blogging right now. and we are walking back home. we have our umbrellas with us, so i thought it was gonna be okay. but boy, was i wrong.

Besides at home my sister is playing the laptop, and it's supposed to be my turn now. it's now or never. me and my maid walked (ran, actually) past the heavy rain and suddenly.. BOOM! the umbrella broke. "Oh gosh, why now??", i thought.

we sed shelter, at waited for like three minutes. other people were walking around, and why weren't their umbrella break?? well, after five minutes the umbrella was okay, and we're ready to go again. we RAN now, no more walking. but after about 10 metres the umbrella broke, AGAIN. so i had no choice. leaving my maid alone, I shouted, "I gotta go!! I'm running!! Good luck!!"

well, i, the mighty athlete, made a ran for it. i ran as fast as Usain Bolt. maybe even faster than a rocket zooming into space. (Well maybe i was a little bit slow actually)

"Running in the rain. Nothing's better.", i thought. as i ran past a house with a tall tree, i thought i might be able to find shelter there. i was relieved. but as i hid behind the trees, a whoosing blaze of wind knocked me down. i fell. with all that rain pouring over me, i was tired. REALLY tired. but i guess if i stop then my life would end. so i had no other choice. i stood up, and ran as fast as my feet could carry me. it's the matter of life and death. i closed my eyes tightly.

after about 3 minutes of running, i finally reached my house. i was tired and needed a seat, but i cant sit, yet.

"Asalamualaikum!!!", i yelled. the gate opened. i cant sit yet. i straight away went to take a bath. after bath, i lied at my bed. and after about 10 minutes the rain stopped just like that.

"How stupid! If we waited just now, the rain would stop!", and i yelled back,

"At least we gained a new experience, running in the rain."

The whole family laughed!! ahahahaa.