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The name's Ahmad Faris b. Ahmad Rizal..
Saw the lights of the world on
now take a peek of my life..
and to my friends,
keep rockin my world like you always do!

09 September 2010

Happy Aidilfitri ;)

POP! POP, POP! BOOM!!!! the sounds of fireworks bang on my ears, the exploding and the shouts of my cousins.. it really is making me a little bit deaf but, I don't mind.. B'cause we all have the freedom, and we all have achieved victory... we starved for 30 days.. and it all went away so fast, i didn't even have time to write a card, prepare etc.. (yea sorry guys - this year lain skets, i wasn't counting down the days)

today is the day that we finally can eat again, but to tell you the truth - i wasn't really used to eating a food yet - and masa 6 o'clock tu, the family was still eating, and i thought - 'hey, bukan ke dah imsak?'

and at 9 o'clock, i wanted to take a cookie and eat it, but something in my mind is telling me not to. weird, ain't it? and when the cookie is in my mouth, i felt REALLY weird. well, i got used to it now, and is eating like a whale who eats tons of planktons a day. (risau pulak berat badan naek)

are you asking me about duit? so far banyak la jugak, RM215. nak gi jalan2 raya kat kampung nie. can't wait! but before that, i would like to wish all of you mates Happy Aidilfitri.. i'm sorry if i ever hurt you or whatever k. have fun eating! :D

faris rizal

16 July 2010

Back to the Blogging Atmosphere :)

recently i have not been having much time to blog, but at this times is when i SHOULD, because so many things have happened to my life -,-
but i dont wanna talk about that now, because it will take you hours to read it... so i just want to talk about today's.. CHEMISTRY experiment -,-
IT was 11:07 on my watch when we realised that Pn. Ida wong won't be coming to class, which means we're not going to do the Acidic or Alkaline project. so all the things we brought, was WASTED.
But it shouldn't be. it really shouldn't be.
so we decided not to waste. but what could we do to finish everything we brought - Vinegar, Can drinks, Baking powder, Tamarind, Toothpaste, Salt, Sugar, Lime juice, Cooking oil, Detergent, Shampoo and Milk into one simple invention?
Of course we can... and still create an 'oily and detergent-tasted mountain-dewish tasted vinegarly-mixed toothpaste-ly smelled sour, salty and sweetishly milky Ribena with tamarind' product. It's not impossible.
It first started when I was full, and already had too much Mountain Dew. So i mixed it with the Ribena which Khai Leong brought... and after shaking, it actually tasted OK. So we decided to add some vinegar and baking powder... so we added all the ingredients above, yep i mean ALL.. and Siva Darshen voluntered to taste it.. and said it was actually QUITE NICE! but i didnt believe him, because he usually lies to us.. so i got a few other guys to taste it, and surprisingly they said it was nice, too! I tried it out myself... and it was actually quite OK.. its just not good because of the detergent and the cooking oil..
oh nevermind. we make mistakes, and we learn from them. so i hope that we can improve this product and sell it to the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!
Till then,
a.faris a.rizal

17 June 2010

curiosity kills the cat.

lately i noticed that the time is passing by REAL FAST,
and before you know it, tomorrow's Friday.
There's just three days left before school!
couldn't time at least slow down for us?
God couldn't be the creator of time,
so who exactly was the one who has made all this happen?
who even made time?
if i could destroy the world and start it all over again,
i would make it slower.
much, much slower.
like 1 second equivalent to 60 minutes.
can you imagine a world like that? it would be incredible.
if i can re-create the whole world,
i would make a world where time slows down randomly
just as random as how we get rains.
and all of this things we see around us,
even all these words and numbers we use,
why are words even called words?
and why is a notebook called a notebook?
surely it can be called something else, something like
"book", "worm", or even "poop".
who started this all?
if we want, we could even change the English language,
just like how we want it.
but we wont be used to it because
we are used to the current English.
but whoever they were,
we owe him a big thanks
because without him, you imagine what would the would be like..
no words, no numbers, no food,
no school (and that's the great part),
if the ones who started everything around us came back to life,
i would like to thank the ones who made this words,
and stab the one who created school repeatedly :)
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
-Albert Einstein-
a.faris a.rizal

13 June 2010

because in the near future, the fate of the world will be in our generation's hands.

I'm back to my home sweet home now. didn't see my fat cat for two days. me and my family went to Melaka in the weekends, but I'm not gonna talk about the trip.

But I'm gonna talk about something else.

If you're my schoolmate and your school is at SKUSJ12, you might notice that as the years pass by, the Year 1 students are becoming more and more violent, more and more vicious, more and more evil.

And some of them even know bad words. And from whom did they know all that? From us.

You see, we are an example to the young ones. The youngsters know nothing, so whatever we do, good or bad, they'll follow us if their minds were not yet developed enough to know which is good, which is bad.

And if you're in Standard 5 of SKUSJ12, you will notice that as the days pass by, the grades are not improving AT ALL, in fact they were worse than they have ever been before. At the way back yesterday, we went to Port Dickson to stop by, take a drink, stretch our legs, etc.
But if you look at the sea water, they were dirty with a capital D.

And who is doing that, other than we HUMANS?

I bet in 10,000 B.C, all the beaches in the world was EXTREMELY clear. there were no oil spills. they were no smokes. petroleum have not even be discovered yet. there were no pollution. even humans was as rare as a flying mammoth.

But now?

You see, in the near future, the fate of the world will be in our generation's hands. and don't you think 'Ah, who cares anyway? There's still a few decades we can enjoy', you are WRONG with a capital W. if we don't change our attitudes now and I mean NOW, than the whole world will be in HAVOC when the fate is in our hands.

So make a change while we still have time.

a.faris a.rizal

10 June 2010


somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy, there's the Solar System...
in the third planet orbiting the star named as Sun,
(that's Earth to you),
There's Asia..
And at Asia, somewhere in the South-east part, there's South-East Asia..
And there, there's a country named Malaysia,
and in Malaysia, there's a state named Selangor,
and there, there is the city called Subang Jaya.
somewhere in the city lies USJ11.
and somewhere in USJ11 there is USJ11/3.
and somewhere in USJ11/3, there is USJ11/3*,
(ok you may think tht this is quite silly, but i dont have ANYTHING to blog about)
and in that row, there is number **..
(you dont think im gonna tell you my address??)
the clock in that house ticks and ticks, and it shows the time - 12:15am,
right now my holiday is going fine.
weekend is packed with activities, so kalau nak online pun,
ada time untuk update blog jelar.
semua orang di rumah takde keje,
aku pun tkde keje sebenarnye...
bosan laaa! chatting with my beloved one is not enough to make the time pass by!
my eyes are starting to get a lil' bit too heavy here,
a sign that im sleepy..