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17 June 2010

curiosity kills the cat.

lately i noticed that the time is passing by REAL FAST,
and before you know it, tomorrow's Friday.
There's just three days left before school!
couldn't time at least slow down for us?
God couldn't be the creator of time,
so who exactly was the one who has made all this happen?
who even made time?
if i could destroy the world and start it all over again,
i would make it slower.
much, much slower.
like 1 second equivalent to 60 minutes.
can you imagine a world like that? it would be incredible.
if i can re-create the whole world,
i would make a world where time slows down randomly
just as random as how we get rains.
and all of this things we see around us,
even all these words and numbers we use,
why are words even called words?
and why is a notebook called a notebook?
surely it can be called something else, something like
"book", "worm", or even "poop".
who started this all?
if we want, we could even change the English language,
just like how we want it.
but we wont be used to it because
we are used to the current English.
but whoever they were,
we owe him a big thanks
because without him, you imagine what would the would be like..
no words, no numbers, no food,
no school (and that's the great part),
if the ones who started everything around us came back to life,
i would like to thank the ones who made this words,
and stab the one who created school repeatedly :)
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
-Albert Einstein-
a.faris a.rizal

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