A sneakpeak to my rocking life ;)

The name's Ahmad Faris b. Ahmad Rizal..
Saw the lights of the world on
now take a peek of my life..
and to my friends,
keep rockin my world like you always do!

10 June 2010


somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy, there's the Solar System...
in the third planet orbiting the star named as Sun,
(that's Earth to you),
There's Asia..
And at Asia, somewhere in the South-east part, there's South-East Asia..
And there, there's a country named Malaysia,
and in Malaysia, there's a state named Selangor,
and there, there is the city called Subang Jaya.
somewhere in the city lies USJ11.
and somewhere in USJ11 there is USJ11/3.
and somewhere in USJ11/3, there is USJ11/3*,
(ok you may think tht this is quite silly, but i dont have ANYTHING to blog about)
and in that row, there is number **..
(you dont think im gonna tell you my address??)
the clock in that house ticks and ticks, and it shows the time - 12:15am,
right now my holiday is going fine.
weekend is packed with activities, so kalau nak online pun,
ada time untuk update blog jelar.
semua orang di rumah takde keje,
aku pun tkde keje sebenarnye...
bosan laaa! chatting with my beloved one is not enough to make the time pass by!
my eyes are starting to get a lil' bit too heavy here,
a sign that im sleepy..

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