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16 July 2010

Back to the Blogging Atmosphere :)

recently i have not been having much time to blog, but at this times is when i SHOULD, because so many things have happened to my life -,-
but i dont wanna talk about that now, because it will take you hours to read it... so i just want to talk about today's.. CHEMISTRY experiment -,-
IT was 11:07 on my watch when we realised that Pn. Ida wong won't be coming to class, which means we're not going to do the Acidic or Alkaline project. so all the things we brought, was WASTED.
But it shouldn't be. it really shouldn't be.
so we decided not to waste. but what could we do to finish everything we brought - Vinegar, Can drinks, Baking powder, Tamarind, Toothpaste, Salt, Sugar, Lime juice, Cooking oil, Detergent, Shampoo and Milk into one simple invention?
Of course we can... and still create an 'oily and detergent-tasted mountain-dewish tasted vinegarly-mixed toothpaste-ly smelled sour, salty and sweetishly milky Ribena with tamarind' product. It's not impossible.
It first started when I was full, and already had too much Mountain Dew. So i mixed it with the Ribena which Khai Leong brought... and after shaking, it actually tasted OK. So we decided to add some vinegar and baking powder... so we added all the ingredients above, yep i mean ALL.. and Siva Darshen voluntered to taste it.. and said it was actually QUITE NICE! but i didnt believe him, because he usually lies to us.. so i got a few other guys to taste it, and surprisingly they said it was nice, too! I tried it out myself... and it was actually quite OK.. its just not good because of the detergent and the cooking oil..
oh nevermind. we make mistakes, and we learn from them. so i hope that we can improve this product and sell it to the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!
Till then,
a.faris a.rizal

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