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The name's Ahmad Faris b. Ahmad Rizal..
Saw the lights of the world on
now take a peek of my life..
and to my friends,
keep rockin my world like you always do!

21 March 2010

it's been a great week..

hey alls...

this has been a very great week for all of us. or maybe only for me? i just dont know... well anyway,

we ate burgers for the second time this week. and on the way back home i realized.. that even know this was a short holiday, it was very unique and different from others..

i leveld up in lots of levels in runescape. achieved more than 10 achievements tht anyone at my level can't achieve. and i even experienced running in the rain.. even my view of sports has changed. everything is just like never before. i figured i had done it all and seen it all, but after this holiday, i realised that i haven't seen like 10% of the world... i thought this one will be the same as others, just some level-ups. but this was totally different. one hundred jumping-jacks and 40 pumpings a day? i haven't done it at all.

after a few back-aches and agonizing muscle pains, i realised that it's gona need more than this to achieve what i want - some six pecs and damn big bulgy muscles. after tht excersice i realised, i'm gona need a whole lotta work before i can get what i want. i thought it would be simple. but i realised that it won't be..

this was just another one-week holiday. it was really short. but it's full of new experiences...

well, i guess that's what i get from a parent-less holiday ;)

19 March 2010

Good eeeveningg ;)

This, i can say, is the BEST evening of my life. kitorg jamming kat bilik best gilerr kot!! mula2 kitorg main ps2. pastu dah bosan skit. pastu nyanyi lagu 21 Guns, my sister buat guitar and I nyanyi.. best gilaaa!!!

but on the down side, my sister nak balik MALAM NI JUGAK!!! im goinna miss her for sure.. and her annoying but funny laugh, of course. not to forget her sense of humour. (over sgt ke ni?)

i'm starting to miss school.. i really miss S____... i can hardly wait to see her!!!!!

18 March 2010

Some waffles I ate..

hahaaa, we had some waffles, it was damn nice with some maple syrup and honey.. fancy a bite? im afraid this one was homemade and it's not available on stores.. haha!! but technically i didn't make them, i just ate them. thanks to my auntie and sister, it is so damn delicious..

17 March 2010

in the middle of boredom

sheesh.. i cant use the computer much.. supposed to switch it on at 12, but my sister.. i mean.. she says she wants to use the laptop for homework, biarkan dia guna semalam, homework 3 jam tk siap2, baru buat cam 2 rangkap je kot...

i mean, i really feel like hitting her in the head. but she always has excuses, yeah.. so i only have 2 hours of real playing, and right now im playing RuneScape more regularly so that i could increase my money for abyssal whip.. i plan to finish all oak logs by 12..

but i cant do it. not with my facebook friends disturbing me. the only person i wanna chat with is just noie and syaza, my VIP's. others, im so sorry, im busy rite now.

16 March 2010

Huff...! Puff...! Where's the stop already??!?! ~2~

I thought "11/4 should be okay. there wont be any harm. i trust my brother. he can take care of me. i know he could.", i was correct alright. but i just cant trust myself that i can do it. we reached 11/4 in 10 minutes time, and before we know it we were up-and-running again.

It was okay. kinda. but after 5 or 6 blocks things started to go downhill. no, i'm not talking about the road. i'm talking about YOUR'S TRULY! my feet were aching. and i've read a book that says when you run you're handling with a mass THREE TIMES your body weight! but my mind tells me not to imagine that. just think positive.

3 minutes later, we heard some noise. it was like something panting. i looked at firdaus, he looked at me. both of us looked left. IT WAS A DOG!!! we couldnt jog anymore so we started walking. and believe it or not, the dog ran away just like that. but i had to thank the dog. he had given me a chance to walk - i really needed it!

after the final row, i was wheezing TERRIBLY. every step i take makes a crunching sound. i was horribly tired. but words of teachers flashed through my mind - "The point is not to win the race for the school, but to do what you think it's best." well what im thinking of right now is just REST!

but my brother kept motivating me. "Think positive, think positive." i listened to him. i think positive thoughts. believe it or not i was up and running again! when we were done with the route, we walked home. my brother kept asking me "Only THAT has made you tired?" i felt like slapping him. but i cant. he helped me get to this level. he was like my personal coach.

on our way back home, he asked, "Are you tired?" well, i felt like screaming "ARE YOU BLIND? DEAF, PERHAPS?!?!?!" because all you could hear at that moment is me huffing and puffing.

when we're done, he called me a dingbat that slowed him down. but i realised something, he never did THIS when he was standard 5. so maybe i could become an athlete like him.. maybe a better one.

and finally lemme just say that this holiday is different. it has, for the first time, changed my view at sports. my thinking of sports will never be the same again --- ever!!

Huff...! Puff...! Where's the stop already??!?! ~1~

The title above says it. ANOTHER new experience for the holidays, and thts kinda good. I'm laying here at the study room, typing a new post, and i think my view of sports is going to change. but 4 hours ago, my view of sports is just the same.

~4 hours ago~

"Jogging? Sure. What harm could that simple thing be?", I told my brother, Firdaus. He was still relaxing, doing his homework. I'm already ready with my shorts, sport shirts and socks.

My maid, my auntie and my sister is leaving for Mydin. I know they'd ban me from using the computer tonight if i use it in the evning. so i decided to agree with firdaus' decision and go jogging. "So? do you want to go or not?", Fir said. "Yes, sure.", i replied. little did i know.. it's gonna send me to.. HELL ON EARTH.

5 minutes later, 'im ready, he's ready, and we're all set. we are really athletes, you know. i don't really mean to brag, but seriously. anyway, we went around 11/3 and we did good. i mean, i wasn't really tired. he kept motivating me. telling me "What is your aim? I want you to set it to 'complete the race'. dont bother about winning it for god's sake, just completing it would be enough!" and saying stuff like that.

After 5 minutes, we finally finished and we're heading for home. But when we took the turn to 3E and passed the house, we didnt stop. i dont want to say anything to firdaus anyway. but he said "11/4 now. whatcha say?", and without another word he took off. i had to catch up, i knew i had to!!

~END part 1~

15 March 2010

Lawak Gile kott

It's the mid term holiday... and where was I? At the barber shop, cutting my hair. at that time it was raining heavily. but while the barber was cutting my hair, winds blow.. umbrellas flew... it rained havier than ever. i know that living at home was not the right way to get a new experience, but boy, was i wrong.. really, REALLY wrong.

After i finished with my haircut, the barber flashed me a thumbs-up. i paid him my 8 dollars and left with my maid. She was asking, "The rain's too heavy, should we go now, or should we wait??", well if i said "we should wait" then i wont be blogging right now. and we are walking back home. we have our umbrellas with us, so i thought it was gonna be okay. but boy, was i wrong.

Besides at home my sister is playing the laptop, and it's supposed to be my turn now. it's now or never. me and my maid walked (ran, actually) past the heavy rain and suddenly.. BOOM! the umbrella broke. "Oh gosh, why now??", i thought.

we sed shelter, at waited for like three minutes. other people were walking around, and why weren't their umbrella break?? well, after five minutes the umbrella was okay, and we're ready to go again. we RAN now, no more walking. but after about 10 metres the umbrella broke, AGAIN. so i had no choice. leaving my maid alone, I shouted, "I gotta go!! I'm running!! Good luck!!"

well, i, the mighty athlete, made a ran for it. i ran as fast as Usain Bolt. maybe even faster than a rocket zooming into space. (Well maybe i was a little bit slow actually)

"Running in the rain. Nothing's better.", i thought. as i ran past a house with a tall tree, i thought i might be able to find shelter there. i was relieved. but as i hid behind the trees, a whoosing blaze of wind knocked me down. i fell. with all that rain pouring over me, i was tired. REALLY tired. but i guess if i stop then my life would end. so i had no other choice. i stood up, and ran as fast as my feet could carry me. it's the matter of life and death. i closed my eyes tightly.

after about 3 minutes of running, i finally reached my house. i was tired and needed a seat, but i cant sit, yet.

"Asalamualaikum!!!", i yelled. the gate opened. i cant sit yet. i straight away went to take a bath. after bath, i lied at my bed. and after about 10 minutes the rain stopped just like that.

"How stupid! If we waited just now, the rain would stop!", and i yelled back,

"At least we gained a new experience, running in the rain."

The whole family laughed!! ahahahaa.