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13 June 2010

because in the near future, the fate of the world will be in our generation's hands.

I'm back to my home sweet home now. didn't see my fat cat for two days. me and my family went to Melaka in the weekends, but I'm not gonna talk about the trip.

But I'm gonna talk about something else.

If you're my schoolmate and your school is at SKUSJ12, you might notice that as the years pass by, the Year 1 students are becoming more and more violent, more and more vicious, more and more evil.

And some of them even know bad words. And from whom did they know all that? From us.

You see, we are an example to the young ones. The youngsters know nothing, so whatever we do, good or bad, they'll follow us if their minds were not yet developed enough to know which is good, which is bad.

And if you're in Standard 5 of SKUSJ12, you will notice that as the days pass by, the grades are not improving AT ALL, in fact they were worse than they have ever been before. At the way back yesterday, we went to Port Dickson to stop by, take a drink, stretch our legs, etc.
But if you look at the sea water, they were dirty with a capital D.

And who is doing that, other than we HUMANS?

I bet in 10,000 B.C, all the beaches in the world was EXTREMELY clear. there were no oil spills. they were no smokes. petroleum have not even be discovered yet. there were no pollution. even humans was as rare as a flying mammoth.

But now?

You see, in the near future, the fate of the world will be in our generation's hands. and don't you think 'Ah, who cares anyway? There's still a few decades we can enjoy', you are WRONG with a capital W. if we don't change our attitudes now and I mean NOW, than the whole world will be in HAVOC when the fate is in our hands.

So make a change while we still have time.

a.faris a.rizal

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