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24 April 2010


rumah dah lain. kakmin pls datang tengok. and i will take your advise and merapu-rapu kat sini when i have nothing to say hahaaaaa...

tadi mse tarik tali (tug-of-war) Nilam won first, and I know yang kita leh beat Topaz cus Topaz tht time 3rd, they were 2400+ and we were 2200+, but tiba2...
somehting unbelieavable happened.

Delima lost tarik tali dengan Topaz, and Zamrud lost to us (yela, tengok lah budak yang nama Faris tu kan dia pro) pastu we gained 700+ points!!! Unbelievable!!! then we were at 3046 and i was like so SCARED cus Nilam leh dapat last balik, and masa cikgu tgh tukar markah i macam nak nangis kot ;p

tapi tengok2, Delima 2800+!! yeahh we beat them!! and not by 10 or 20 marks but by 200+! Topaz got first, tapi diorg bajet2 skit ah, tak suka aku. ESPECIALLY Mamduhd ;p

nk tau kenapa kitorg gembira sangat? Nilam never won for 2 years in a row. at last kitorg dapat third, and warning rumah lain, this is the first step to our PECUT BALIK ;)

this is definitely my week, yeah DEFINITELY.

I have good news ;p

yaaaaaaaaayyy!!! this is definitely a lucky day.

first good news - Syaza is out of the hospital. secondly - Manchester United menang lawan Tottenham. third - Nilam, after 2 tahun berturut-turut last finally naik third. and lastly - Dungeoneering skill best glerr..

and sebenarnya saya taknak cakap nie tapi saya ada badnews jugak, dance Bingeul Bingeul susah nak hafal and IMISSYOU and i can finally meet you on Monday.... this week is definitely mine YEEAAAHH

a. faris

17 April 2010

back to the 2-day break ;p

ahh... after a tiring sports week, what's better than a two day break? dah la kakmin dah blik, lgi best..

anyway, i suck at this year's sports. AFIQ tkde!! Dia kene H1N1 kot, sbb sblum nie mne ada tk dtg,,

tktau laa nak blog psl apa!!!! be back in several days!!

03 April 2010

03-04 - the 300+km trip to Johor Bahru

ahhh... finally at the hotel with no one to disturb.. some privacy to go blogging!! this rocks man.. anyway,

me, fairuz and mommy is at Johor Bahru now. we just reached the hotel at 6:00p.m., and gosh it was damn small...

but i think it would be okay, because it doesn't waste as much money as it is to go Grand Blue Wave hotel 'o.O

hotel ni bilik dia tengok kecik gila kot, tapi bile jumpa plug dah jadi heaven's paradise dahh..!! nak tidur lambat mlm nie, kalau boleh tak tidur LANGSUNG!! haha,,

anyway this is the problem, firstly MU kalah 2-1 ngan Chelsea, and secondly im alone at the room now, but i have nothing to blog about! byez, for now..

02 April 2010

i survived april fool's - and just got my hands more typing work

anyway i know tht i was supposed to do this on april first but no time to update lah, sorry..
here's how my day went.

first, aku tgh duduk dkt blakang, dengan syafiq shukri. then suddenly, budak drjah 6 said - "hey today's friday right??", aku lak mcm "asal ngan budak nih??" then i said "no lahh its thursday.." pastu dia ckp "aprill fool's!"

anyway i really hate to say Islams doing this stuff.. but then, i think i should just chill up on this lovely-supposed-to-be day :p

at around 7:05 a.m., me and khai leong remembered about a joke in the Wimpy Kid story book, "Invisible Chirag". so we thought it would be pretty cool to do this on joshua.. haha!! yes, i think this will definitely work out. i think. but i was wrong.

5 minutes later. siva came to school - but he's talking with joshua!! we didn't have time to tell him. but we said, "Hey siva who're you talking to? i dont see anyone there..." and then siva was like what the hell? what's going on here...

another 5 minutes later. like 7:15 a.m, siva and THE WHOLE CLASS is in on the joke. even girls, yeah. you did read that right. EVEN GIRLS!!
tapi joshua found our weakness. i really know that joshua watches wrestling at least twice a week, and he's studied all the moves. so he pinned us down every way you could imagine. we were supposed to shout "OUCH!" but we covered the ouch with "Hey,, i feel like im floating, and it hurts." Joshua merajuk giler kot. i said to khai, "hey, i dont think josh will last longer than this. we'll stop this joke at recess."

but joshua went to the toilet, and after he went back to tapak perhimpunan he looked veryyy down. so i told khai leong, "let's stop now. poor joshua."

as assembly started, the whole class shouted "april fool's!" loudly at joshua. i didn't i just looked from the back. he had a smile in his face. well so do i...