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09 September 2010

Happy Aidilfitri ;)

POP! POP, POP! BOOM!!!! the sounds of fireworks bang on my ears, the exploding and the shouts of my cousins.. it really is making me a little bit deaf but, I don't mind.. B'cause we all have the freedom, and we all have achieved victory... we starved for 30 days.. and it all went away so fast, i didn't even have time to write a card, prepare etc.. (yea sorry guys - this year lain skets, i wasn't counting down the days)

today is the day that we finally can eat again, but to tell you the truth - i wasn't really used to eating a food yet - and masa 6 o'clock tu, the family was still eating, and i thought - 'hey, bukan ke dah imsak?'

and at 9 o'clock, i wanted to take a cookie and eat it, but something in my mind is telling me not to. weird, ain't it? and when the cookie is in my mouth, i felt REALLY weird. well, i got used to it now, and is eating like a whale who eats tons of planktons a day. (risau pulak berat badan naek)

are you asking me about duit? so far banyak la jugak, RM215. nak gi jalan2 raya kat kampung nie. can't wait! but before that, i would like to wish all of you mates Happy Aidilfitri.. i'm sorry if i ever hurt you or whatever k. have fun eating! :D

faris rizal

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